The Media Analysis

The Media Analysis
A Weekly Analytical Digest

Special Reports

The Verité Research Advisory Service will also include 08 free Special Reports and Analyses: in-depth and detailed analyses of significant political and economic events, policy decisions and public documents (Ex: The Election Analysis, Annual Government Budget Analysis, and New Legislation Analysis such as The Pensions Bill Analysis).

Review Briefings

Each trimester, Verité Research's Senior Analysts will provide a succinct on-site presentation to clients on the key issues and trends, assessing their broader impact and highlighting developments to be watched.

On Demand Fact Checking Service
  • Public debate in Sri Lanka can be based on doubtful facts obtained from unverifiable sources.
  • Incorrect statements and claims quickly evolve into fact through reportage and publishing.
  • Verité Research is committed to improving public debate through regular provision of better quality, more reliable information. Subscribers can avail themselves of Verité Research's fact checking service; available to subscribers of The Media Analysis.

The Media Analysis delivers on a weekly basis,

  • Concise Weekly Media Briefings
  • Insightful and Cutting Edge Analysis
  • Comprehensive Research
  • Professional Commentary
  • Comparative Analysis of Sinhala and Tamil newspapers ("The Gap Analysis")
  • Insights to public opinion formation

This weekly digest offers critical, well-researched and in-depth analyses on national issues and related discourses, which assist its subscribers in obtaining a nuanced understanding of local issues, in predicting future political and economic trends, and thereby in guiding them to strategically plan ahead in anticipation of future national developments. It creates an analytical access point to local Sri Lankan media reporting by highlighting the difference between the reporting of facts / data / information and the reporting of opinions as facts.

In addition to the analyses of key issues which are covered in the Sinhala language press, The Media Analysis provides a selective and unique service based on the analysis of weekly Tamil language newspapers; titled “The Gap Analysis”. This analysis signposts the differences and nuances in reporting on a given issue between the Sinhala and the Tamil language newspapers.

The Media Analysis is also available on podcast, where all three analyses are presented as an voice recording.

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