Political & Economic Outlook

Verité Research has research programmes in economics, politics, media and law, which places the organisation in a strong position to understand the multiple forces shaping policy making in Sri Lanka’s political and economic landscape. This synergy enables Verité to develop advisory products that are specifically targeted to support clients in the corporate and development sectors with their strategic planning. To this end, Verité offers the following types of briefings.

Verité Macroeconomics is a structured briefing which provides analytical foresight on key economic variables and the overall economic environment of the country. This briefing is distinct from the others as it is data driven, independent and takes Sri Lanka’s political dynamics into account.

This product is beneficial for all large and medium firms, particularly the ones navigating the challenging and volatile macroeconomic outlook of Sri Lanka.

The Briefings are delivered by Deshal de Mel, Research Director at Verité Research.

The product is available as a one-off briefing or as an annual subscription which includes 3 full briefings and an update every month.

The Sri Lanka Orientation Briefing offers a concise but comprehensive introduction to Sri Lanka’s political climate. It draws together insights from political and media research to provide an understanding of politics through both a historical and contemporary lens. The presentation covers the history and development of ethnic politics, governing structures and the separation of political power. It also discusses the emerging fault lines in the political landscape. The briefing is an essential introduction for those who are new to Sri Lanka or those who require a rapid but insightful understanding of local dynamics. Clients that commissioned this product include foreign missions and international NGOs. The briefing is adapted to suit the level of depth and coverage required by the client.