Verité Macroeconomic Briefing

Independent, Multidisciplinary, Data-driven Analysis on the Sri Lankan Economy in a Digestible Form
Verité Macroeconomics is a structured briefing providing analytical foresight on key economic variables and the overall economic environment of the country.
It is data driven, independent and takes
Sri Lanka’s political dynamics into account.
The briefings are delivered by Research Director at Verité, Deshal de Mel and supported by Executive Director at Verité, Dr. Nishan de Mel.
Subscription Packages

1 Full Briefing

One Iteration

1 Full Briefing

1 Monthly Briefing


3 Full Briefings

9 Monthly Briefings

Verité Macroeconomics is delivered via two types of engagements:
A detailed 2-hour briefing with a Q&A discussion every trimester on data, economic analysis and political dynamics providing detailed foresight on Sri Lanka's macroeconomic outlook.
A 45-minute audio or video conference call each month with new updates of impacts and implications on any macroeconomic dynamics identified in the Full Briefing.
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