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LLRC Implementation Monitor – Statistical and Analytical Review No.1

Sri Lanka: LLRC Implementation Monitor – Statistical and Analytical Review No. 1 is the first report in a series of research and informational documents intended to assist in efforts to implement the LLRC recommendations. The report contains an analytical counting and categorisation of the LLRC recommendations, and an analytical assessment of the National Plan of Action to Implement the Recommendations of the LLRC. The report specifically examines the overlap and differences between the recommendations of the LLRC and the actions envisaged by the National Plan of Action.

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Sri Lanka:Resolution 30/1: Statistical & Analytical Review No.2

This briefing note is Verité Research’s latest study on the Sri Lankan government’s commitments on reconciliation and accountability. It assesses progress in the fulfillment of 36 commitments made in UNHRC Resolution 30/1, co-sponsored by Sri Lanka in September 2015.

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