Gambling on the Elite Bargain for Sri Lanka’s Development

Gambling on the Elite Bargain for Sri Lanka's Development

In his recent book Oxford professor Stefan Dercon argues that navigating an economy into success depends critically on the bargain that is struck with the elites. How does this apply to Sri Lanka?

Verité Research hosts two distinguished speakers, Professor Stefan Dercon and Professor Shanta Deverajan, to explain this dynamic and apply the problem of the Elite Bargain to the challenges that Sri Lanka is facing, in emerging from the present economic crisis.

Stefan Dercon is a Professor of Economic Policy at University of Oxford in the Blavatnik School of Government with research interest concerning, on what keeps some people and countries poor: the failures of markets, governments and politics, and how these dynamics can be changed.

Shanta Deverajan is a professor of the practice of development at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, non-resident fellow of Verite Research, and retired as the acting chief economist of the world bank.