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Human Trafficking Within Sri Lanka
In this video, Verité Research breaks down what human trafficking is and some misunderstandings around it. It identifies that there is a lack of data and knowledge surrounding trafficking within Sri Lanka. And thus, highlights that an improved understanding and knowledge of the issue is one of the first and most important steps to formulate better solutions and protect those at risk of human traffickingWatch
Political & Economic Outlook

Verité Research has research programmes in economics politics, media and law, which places the organisation in a strong position to understand the multiple forces shaping policy making in Sri Lanka’s political and economic landscape. This synergy enables Verité to develop advisory products that are specifically targeted to support clients in the corporate and development sectors with their strategic planning.

Understanding the Sri Lankan Media

Efficient decision making on matters that impacts the public arena requires a thorough understanding of the factors that shape public opinion. In order to acquire such an understanding, it is crucial to examine the vernacular press and its role in public opinion formation. Verité Research has been conducting research and analysis into the vernacular media since its inception in 2010. Built on the foundation of this experience and expertise, Verité offers clients a nuanced understanding of public debates and discourses.

Assessing law & policy

Verité Research has a team of lawyers with expertise in constitutional law, labour law, trade and investment, human rights, international law, and the administration of justice. The team’s research focuses on three main thematic areas. The first involves constitutional, legislative and judicial analysis. The second involves analysis of policies, regulations, and administrative systems. The final area deals with rights protection and promotion. The legal research team offers advisory briefings on any one or combination of these research areas.

Advisory Services

Verité Research offers advisory services to clients from the government, corporate, development and diplomatic sectors. These services can be customised to suit the specific needs of each client. Advisory packages are available as one-off engagements or as continuous engagements on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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Verité's interdisciplinary work environment gives its staff the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge from multiple disciplines