Is it okay to breathe? | AirQuality.LK Platform Launch

Verité Research, in partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation, National Building Research Organization (NBRO), Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), and ENTGRA, hosted an event to officially launch the AirQuality.LK.

The event also presented research findings of a study conducted by Verité Research on air quality data and its impact on public health. This study intends to create awareness on the adverse health impacts by poor air quality and to showcase the technical aspects of air quality data collection.

The research was conducted utilizing the health incident data and air quality data to determine the adverse impacts of poor air quality on public health. The study revealed that if good air quality is maintained, all-cause mortality will reduce by an estimation of between 1% to 6% nationwide when compared with the baseline. Thus, emphasizing the requirement to formulate and implement a comprehensive policy on air quality to promote a cleaner and healthier environment for Sri Lankans.