Youth Labour Market Assessment Sri Lanka

Building on the Youth Labour Market Assessment published by Verite Research in 2018, this report focuses on a series of specific issues that represent key barriers to increasing youth employment and youth employability in Sri Lanka. Given the potential of youth entrepreneurship to serve as a key driver for increasing the labour force participation of youth, including young women, the current report also investigates key challenges and opportunities for increasing youth entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka.

This report consists of 4 main insights; the first outlines the importance of promoting English language proficiencies among youth in Sri Lanka, the second observes the constraints faced by NLET youth (that is, youth not in the labour force, education or training), the third focuses on enhancing youth self-employment in Sri Lanka by providing youth with the resources needed to set up as an Own-Account Worker and the fourth develops a case for transferring the funding of maternity leave benefits from the employer to the state, in order to reduce the discrimination faced by women in the job market. A separate chapter provides an analytical review of the Thurunu Diriya project. The concluding chapter include the topline findings and an annotated bibliography of selected literature.