Syndicated Surveys

In collaboration with Vanguard Surveys
Syndicated Surveys is a tool a developed by Verité Research to measure the sentiments and opinions of the Lankan populace

Gathered from a nationally representative sample, Syndicated Surveys is constructed to provide a non-political opinion


This survey can be used to poll the economic and political pulse of Sri Lanka with an error margin under 3%

Easy to Grasp

The answers are presented in simple metrics which enables you to grasp the collective mindset with ease.

Delivery and Pricing
  • Each client will receive the tabulated results of the response to their specific question(s). Presently, the nationwide survey implementation, along with a simple tabulation of responses, has a base cost of LKR 150,000 for each question that is added to the survey.
  • Cross tabulation of the responses against separately collected demographic characteristics of respondents (such as age, gender, ethnicity, and geography) can be provided on request at an additional fee of LKR 20,000 each.
Economic Model
  • Syndicated surveys by Verité Research is a product where the cost of implementing a national level survey is distributed among a few clients (each with one or two questions), thereby creating a cost-efficient tool for each client to obtain the national sentiment on key issues.
  • The survey results, if the client chooses to make them public, are backed by Verité Research, a Think Tank in Sri Lanka with established capability and recognition.

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