Resolution 30/1: Progress on Implementation 2019

In September 2015, Sri Lanka co-sponsored Resolution 30/1 at the 30th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

In doing so, the Sri Lankan government committed to a range of measures dealing with human rights, accountability, and reconciliation. The government’s commitments in Resolution 30/1 have come to denote the main features of Sri Lanka’s transitional justice agenda, particularly with regard to accountability mechanisms for abuses suffered by victims of the conflict. Resolution 30/1 contains 36 distinct commitments that fall into five broad thematic categories.

  1. Transitional justice and reconciliation
  2. Rights and rule of law
  3. Security and demilitarisation
  4. Power sharing
  5. International engagement

These images illustrate the progress made in implementation under each five categories.

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