Enabling public accountability through data driven analysis
Verité's platforms use data driven analysis to enable public accountability within Sri Lanka's government and bureaucracy
MANTHRI.LK is a pioneering trilingual website which, for the first time, profiles the actions and activities of each of the 225 Members of Parliament in Sri Lanka.

As a MP monitoring scorecard, recognizes the need for accountability between MPs and their electorates. In doing so, it seeks to promote transparency and good governance in order to improve Sri Lanka’s democratic framework.


Ethics Eye is a social media platform that monitors and flags violations of media ethics in the Sinhala press. The platform monitors 4 Sinhala daily newspapers and 3 Sunday newspapers and highlights identified violations of media ethics.

Ethics Eye aims to create and influence debate on Sri Lankan media practices, thus enhancing the functionality of the media as a space for public reasoning.

AirQuality.LK is a platform conceptualised by Verité Research to bridge the air quality data availability gap in Sri Lanka and to promote research and policy reforms on the subject. It further intends to create awareness on the quality of air they breathe and to encourage people to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from the risks of air pollution. 


FactCheck monitors Sri Lankan media to identify and fact check statements attributed to high-level decision makers.

The main objective of the platform is to improve the space of public understanding and information in Sri Lanka.

PUBLICFINANCE.LK is a platform for public finance related information and analysis in Sri Lanka. This blog is the first phase of the platform and provides infographics and insights that help the user better engage with public finance issues. aims to create and facilitate public conversation on public finance issues, thus increasing government accountability to the public.


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